?Global 1 Yu Zhong Grind | Assassin Dave | Mobile Legends

?Global 1 Yu Zhong Grind | Assassin Dave | Mobile Legends

?Global 1 Yu Zhong Grind | Assassin Dave | Mobile Legends

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?Global 1 Yu Zhong Grind | Assassin Dave | Mobile Legends


  1. I once made a combo of 6 mages, 6 dessert, 4 elementalist, 4 wrestler, and 4 empire

  2. Men Please understand the concept of the game before talking how can you be relevant if you dont even understand the Game

  3. And also please do some Content about that smart targeting thing ml will gonna put

  4. Lmao I thought you reacted about wildrift Chris's video? You just laugh and joke about it instead of watching and try defend your self infront of your viewers. It's because you know yourself that you've said so much things without any base proofs?
    You care about viewership right and you're doing great on ML rn and according to you, WR is just a failure, then why spend so much effort ridiculing and trying to prove something. Its just too obvious and pathetic ?

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