All Free Skin & Hero Events in Mobile Legends

All Free Skin & Hero Events in Mobile Legends

All Free Skin & Hero Event in Mobile Legends

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-All Upcoming Events(GodOfMlbb)

Otep Gaming
“You S☆bscribe, You D☆serve”
-Your Partner in Upcoming Mobile Legends Update.

▶Otep Gaming:

▶2nd Channel: NoCopyright PH

▶Friends Channel: JC Gaming

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1. Sneasle Gaming✔
▪ (Nov 1➡Nov 31)
2. Gaming TV✅
▪ (Nov 1➡Nov 31)
3. MarbZ TV✅
▪ (Nov 1➡️Nov 31)
4. Chupsy TV
▪ (Nov 1➡Nov 14)
5. Lutherian Gaming-✅
▪ (Nov 1➡Nov 14)


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?Otep Gaming ML Account?
▶Main Account: “Otep Gaming”
▪287594602 (3580)
▶Main Advance Server: “Otep Gaming”
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?FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)?
Q▪Are You Filipino?
A▪YES, Im 100% Pinoy Live in Philippines

Q▪ Are You Boy or Girl?
A▪ Im a Man means BOY.

Q▪Do You have a GirlFriend?
A▪Friends? Girl? I have lot of Friends Girl but i Dont Have GirlFriend(NGSB, Study 1st)

Q▪What Type of Phone Did You Used?
A▪I am Using ANDROID Phone.

Q▪What Screen Recorder do you Used?
A▪Az Screen Recorder or Screen Recorder.

Q▪What Apps did you use to Edit Thumbnail?

Q▪What Apps did You Use to Edit VIDEO
A▪Im Using KINEMASTER until Now.

Q▪What is Your ROLE in Mobile Legends?
A▪Im ALL AROUND User( I Can Use any Types of Hero) “ADJUSTABLE.

Q▪Can I Add You in Mobile Legends?
A▪Sure, 287594602(3580) or Check My ML Account?
(?My Mobile Legends Account?Section)
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All Free Skin & Hero Events in Mobile Legends

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