1. Hey there everyone you can't join in advanced server! There are some rules: 1 you must be grandmaater; 2 your accound must be level 30; 3 I don't remember; 4 The valorian is the best youtuber I ever know!!! 😍😘😘😎😉

  2. Hi, I recently entered test server. After I clicked the test server, the app restarted and went into loading, but it keeps on saying the it can,t update resource package due to my unstable network. My network is fine, and I’ve tried 3 different networks to load the game but to no avail. How do I go back to the original server if I can’t open the game? I haven’t linked my account to anything before I went to test server. Pls help

  3. Ign-MR NOBY JMR
    Skin- any franco skin will do
    I share every video of u in FB..Insta…Whatapp..N even to friends
    Thanz for showing how to play advance server in mlbb

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