Master ATLAS In 10 Minutes | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Master ATLAS In 10 Minutes | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Hey Guys ?
In this Video, I’ve shown everything you need to know before playing Atlas –
atlas build, combo all the basic things which will make you good with him ?

Check out the guide & tell us about it in commemts ?

Music –
1. Pirates Of The Caribbean (Goblins from Mars Trap Remix)
2. Firefly NCS
3. Apollo 69 – Goblin from Mars

Intro- Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

Outro – Blackbear – IDFC ( Tarro Remix)

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Master ATLAS In 10 Minutes | Mobile Legends Bang Bang


  1. Ight, I'm not listening to a guy who doesn't optimize battle spell and respawn reduction from the support emblem and doesn't use mask.

  2. I want to get atlas but I’m scared that I’ll not get good team match ups, I main badang and get excited whenever I see atlas on my team, but I don’t see atlas players often

  3. Pnapractice ko prn si atlas sa classic yung pnag aaralan ko pa kung paano gamitin yung mga skills nya khit sa rank game tinitesting ko rn.

  4. As a Atlas main i suggest having fleeting time to increase the damage of your 1st and having a 18 second cool-down for your fully upgraded ultimate

  5. 1:30 btw, if yall use 2nd skill behind the main turret, the tower will split atlas' body a little bit further apart n allow him to travel a little bit further

  6. Thanks for the guide. I want to buy Atlas and so I have a first idea or basics how to play him

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