1. I want this skin so Baaaad, ML. Please make this back on the store? ???
    That time when this was released, I have no means to buy it because I am just a simple student at that time. But now, I can buy it already, just please make it back on the store, even just for a limited time.. Pretty pleaaaaase? ????

  2. Wtf?! Galaxy Dominator’s 2nd skill is way cooler in this video than the current skill effect???? Why do you have to nerf such beautiful skill effects??? You shouldn’t really touch these kind of effects.. You’re stupid for doing that.. I only thought Kimmy’s Astrocat is the only Lucky box skin that you ruined, here I am discovering that you were already rigging other skill effects of old Lucky box skins!!!! Shame on you!!! Bring these cool skill effects back!!!

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