1. Watch the Full Video to Know the mechanics in giveaway or you will be disqualified
    It's important not at the first part of the video?
    Goodluck solids

  2. Soory I support u but I can't get pick but I always like and sharing ??
    Please pick me
    Ign: Mr.carrie
    I'd: 451735207(2357)
    Skin: Kadita white robin

  3. ID:424416720 X.Borg Moto Drifter lez go solids. Sana maka abot ka ng 1m subs ? dami mong natulong na mga ML players ???

  4. Hello williamstubejr. Im one of your fan im a youtuber too but my channel is small gusto ko sundan yapak mo

  5. Ang Ganda po lahat ng vlog nyo nakaka tulong ang mga tip nyo sa among ML gamer salamat

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